Broadway Baby


I’m in NY and Broadway is in NY…So why not audition for shows?
I’m trying new things right?
Well, yesterday I did my first Broadway audition. It was for Phantom of the Opera. The call asked for classically trained ballet dancers. It also specified 5’6 and under. Those of you who know me, know that I am definitely taller than 5’6″. I am more like 5’9″, but I decided to go anyway because you never know what may happen and if anything, it’s good practice. I was nervous because I didn’t know exactly what to expect or how it would be run.
I arrived at the studios, handed in my resume and began warming up. The room filled up quickly and I also began to feel like a giant. (maybe the height limit did mean something hehe) When it was time to begin, we all filtered into the studio to learn some of the choreography. I pick up choreography fairly quick so that wasn’t a problem. However, the speed of the choreography was the struggle for me. Moving faster is something I am working on achieving.

After learning all the steps, we split into groups to practice. Then we began learning a second, more modern combo. Pausing for a moment before splitting into smaller groups and performing more, they explained to us that there are actually no positions to hand out at the moment and they were just having an audition to see what was out there. Hearing that was a little frustrating. I felt like I worked so hard the whole day only to find out there were no spots available. For a second, I didn’t understand why they were even holding the audition if there were no spots to fill. However, I decided not to change the level I was working at and to keep dancing hard. At any moment someone might be watching you and remember you for the future. Dancers can get injured or decide to leave a show and you could receive a call when that one spot opens up.
This is just the first of many auditions like this I am sure. But no matter what, I think as dancers we have to remember to work hard each second even if we know there is no possible outcome. You never know when someone will remember you and give you a call. I strive to give 100% each and every day.

It was an exciting day and it got even better when I got to hang out and have dinner with two of my best friends from when I was a child. We laughed about old memories and listened to stories form our lives now. We have known each other since we were in 1st grade and it is so nice to see how distance and time have not conquered out friendship 🙂

Reuniting with old friends :) before/after

Reuniting with old friends 🙂 before/after


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