My Back! Ouch!

Have you ever awaken to find that your back is so stiff you feel frozen?

Today this has happened to me. 😦 When I awoke and tried to get up, my body was screaming at me. This has never happened before. Once in the past, my foot completely cramped up and it released after a day or two, but never my back. I am in pain and feel completely out of alignment. I tried to move. I tried massaging it, rolling out, stretching, moving. All of which have resulted in pain.

I was so scared this morning. I panicked immediately. I can’t be hurt right now, I just can’t. I have to be on top of my game each and every day in case an audition or opportunity comes up. I can’t afford to take time off to nurse an injury. Then I thought, why is this happening? I exercise, take class, stretch, and eat healthy every day.  So what have I done wrong? One thing that comes to mind is dehydration/ lack of fluids. It has been so hot and humid here and I have been sweating so much. Is it possible I have not been replenishing my fluids enough? Also, I know my hips often get out of alignment. Maybe my muscles are just stuck right now?

Either way, I am doing everything I can to make this get better fast. I am icing right now and drinking lots of water while also trying to relax because being tense and stressed out will only make things worse. If any one has any tips on nursing a stiff/locked up back, please let me know. I have high hopes that this will quickly pass and I will be back on my feet in no time 🙂

On a lighter note, I hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day full of fireworks, bbq’s, music, friends, family, and fun. Happy Birthday America 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Back! Ouch!

  1. “Then I thought, why is this happening? I exercise, take class, stretch, and eat healthy every day. So what have I done wrong?”
    These were the words I asked my chiro yesterday. I have hamstrings issues that seems to migrate to the hips to the lower back then would shift and fall back to my calves. I pop my knee in class or anywhere else to relieve the pull, the tightness. It’s annoying and I feel inhibited. I’ve been having chiro therapy for the last two months. I’ve told him we have a love-hate relationship.
    And what my chiro replied was, “Take a break from yoga. Just let the muscles relax even for a day of literally not stretching”. I was covering my ears when he was saying this. Literally. He laughed and said, “I know it is not what you want to hear; but it may be what your body needs”.
    You’re relaxing right now and that’s good. Likewise, seek professional help. I’ve self-diagnosed my hamstrings far too long until it affected so much of my movements. Often times what we think is “right” may either be far too much, or far too less.
    Take care, Jaime. Namaste. =)

    • Thank you. It is comforting to know I am not alone in this. It seems to have calmed down quite a bit since yesterday and I can at least stand up straight again. But it is still very painful to arch my back. I am waiting to hear from the chiropractor and hopefully I can get in for an appointment today. Until then, a little more rest, and maybe some swimming to get some blood flowing.

      • Swimming? Lol! Hard to relax huh? I am unable to keep myself still as well. Kinda defeats yoga.
        Hope you get to see your Chiro soon. =)

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