Road Trip: Done

I recently wrote about how I had just 48 hours left in Chicago. Well, those 48 hours passed and I have just arrived in New Jersey! My last two days there went amazingly. I have so many friends in Chicago who I love so much and it meant a lot to be able to spend some time with most all of them before I left. With the added bonus that my parents were in town as well, it made for a nearly perfect weekend. I am so thankful for all of the help I received from my family and friends  packing up the truck and spending a final night out in the city with me 🙂 We shared tons of old memories, shed some tears, smiled, laughed, and ultimately said “see you soon” not goodbye.

The drive from Chicago to NJ was a long one. Probably the longest it has ever taken us in one day. However, what matters most is that we made it back safely 🙂 I am really tired and should sleep very well tonight.

Tomorrow will be a day of unpacking and getting started on my month of training hard and focusing on me. I always work hard, but this month I will work extra hard. Beginning in September, I will be joining Ballet West in Salt Lake City to perform in their production of the Sleeping Beauty. I want to arrive there in top form and to do so, I will need to focus most all of my energy on my goals right now. I am excited and prepared to do so.

On that note, it is time for some good rest.




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