My name is Jaime Hickey. I am a professional ballet dancer who has just finished four years with the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago. I was previously with ABT II. I decided I wanted to be a ballet dancer when I was nine years old and worked incredibly hard to get there. When I was 13, I chose to move away from home to attend Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, MA. It was a move that shocked my family because I was always very attached to my parents. From that day on, I have proved to be a very independent, hard working, dream chasing woman. After MA, my life took me back to NYC for about 3 years and then to Chicago, IL where I have been since 2009. As an individual, I have grown a great deal since being in Chicago and now I am taking a step to finding where I belong next. Which leads me to this blog. I am venturing into an unknown place in my life right now and will be documenting it on this site. 


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  1. nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by my blog. I have just finished the book hell bent I loved it. It is about Bikram and one mans journey into yoga competition. You may like it as well

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