St. Patrick’s Day and Memories

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

This day always brings so many great memories to mind.

In case you don’t know, I was a competitive Irish Step Dancer growing up. I absolutely loved Irish Dancing. It was athletic, competition, hard work, and celebrated my heritage. Since our heels weren’t allowed to go down when we jumped, I eventually had to choose between continuing with Irish Dancing or focussing mainly on ballet. I chose ballet and am very glad I did, but sometimes I miss putting on my wig and costume, getting on stage and doing a jig 🙂

Me in my costume at a feis

Me in my costume at a feis

Other memories St.Patrick’s day brings me are those of my grandfather James (Poppy) Hickey. I always looked up to him a great deal. He was incredibly intelligent, and seemed to know about and the answer to nearly anything you asked him. And who could forget his humor. He didn’t speak all too much but when he did, it was certainly meaningful and significant or bound to laugh you into tears. I loved him so much and in honor of him on this St.Patrick’s Day, enjoy one of his favorite Irish songs 🙂


What I Miss Most

I first left home when I was 13. At a young age, I was set on becoming a professional ballet dancer and wanted to do anything in order to achieve that dream. I was really attached to my family and they were all shocked when I decided to move away. (confession: I was also afraid of the dark and would not sleep in a room alone) Well, off I went. I spent three years at The Walnut Hill School for the arts in Natick, MA.  After Walnut Hill, I returned home to dance in NYC for a few years before moving to Chicago. Now, I am spending this year partially in NY, partially in Salt Lake City with Ballet West, and some time in LA with The Barak Ballet.

The whole time I am away, it is my family that I miss the most. Time differences and busy schedules have proven difficult to be able to communicate as much as I would like.  I am so fortunate to have a large, loving, supportive, honest, and caring family and being away from them all is hard. It becomes most apparent after returning home. I notice every little change that occurs during my absence. For example, how my nephews grow at what appears to be hyper speed. I feel like I am missing so much. I would love to settle closer to home however traveling so much has allowed me to develop my true nature and the person I am.  I have discovered how independent I am and how much I crave adventure, meeting new people, absorbing my surroundings, and learning new things.

I look forward to this coming Friday when I get to see my family again and share love, stories,  and photos from our time apart 🙂

Technology, I need you

I recently came across a daily prompt asking, “What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?”

Well, I tend to travel and move a lot and I made many friends and have loved ones all over the world, so my answer today would have to be technology and the internet. I simply cannot live without it. My family and friends mean a lot to me and I feel it is extremely important to remain connected and in contact with them quite often. Throughout my life I have lived in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinios, and now Utah. I have also spent long amounts of time touring around the US and Europe with the ballet companies I have danced with. While I am away, I use the internet to talk with the people I love and to also stay up to date on news, weather, and events. I also use the internet as a tool to share my experiences with everyone I know. I really value the ability to go on Skype and talk with my family, and friends. Often times, when people travel, they lose contact with so many people in their lives. However, when I care for someone, I never want to lose contact with them and I use the internet and technology as a tool for keeping my connections alive.